Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Golf Is a Great Game

Golf is one of the greatest of all individual sports. It is a wonderful sport for young people, to permit them to spend a great deal of time in the fresh air and to help them learn discipline and self-control. No one plays golf well without first mastering himself. This is the first lesson learned by every novice golfer - that golf is a sport like no other, requiring precise coordination of nearly every muscle in the body and demanding mental concentration second to no other sport.

Golf is a wonderful game, but at the same time it is an extremely difficult game to master. Ask anyone who plays it.

It is not without reason that golf has historically been seen as a "game of gentlemen", and of course, in our modern day, it also a game for the "gentle ladies". Not only can golf put our physical and mental abilities to a very stern test in our younger days, but golf can be played an entire lifetime, and well into an advanced age. Golf can help people to remain fit and vigorous and to retain a healthy attitude about life and living in every age category.

GolfPundit will be commenting upon this terrific game in future posts.

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