Monday, October 27, 2003

Golf Tips from the King Of Aces Mancil Davis

On this website, Mancil Davis, the King of Aces, is called the official world record-holder for holes in one (50) and double eagles (10), although Norman Manley is said to have made 59 "aces", including 4 in 1979, but little more seems to be known about his feats, whereas Mancil Davis is quite well known.

Mancil Davis has made a hole in one with every club except putter, PW and SW with the longest hole in one being 379 yards and the shortest hole in one being 124 yards. In 1967 he had eight aces and
in fact three aces in five days in June of that year.

What is his secret?

Here is what he says:


Picture in your mind's eye the entire shot from start to finish, with the desired result firmly implanted in your mind. With that result still pictured, step up and fire away. Visualize in vivid color the image of the ball falling into the cup - or picture the flight of the ball to the desired spot.

WOW. Is that all there is to it?

In other words, VISUALIZE your shot in each case, as if it were a short putt into the hole. Then Concentrate ONLY on the target.

Listen, could this be the key to better golf on EVERY shot?

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