Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts For The Golfer

Larry Olmsted has s piece at Forbes on 10 Great Gifts For The Golfer On Your List.

Golf is Like Politics

You know, golf is like politics.

I am looking for a perfect putter.

Voters are looking for perfect candidates.

Neither exists.

The putter is only as good as "the putter", i.e. he or she who is putting.

Political candidates reflect the voters who elect them.

If, for example, everyone in America had a law school degree, the candidates would look much different than they do now.

You get as your government the government you deserve.

If you elect wrestlers, veterinarians, doctors, actors, etc. as LAWMAKERS, whose job is to formulate laws rather than to wrestle, birth heifers or infants, or act in Hollywood movies, rather than people who studied the law, what do you expect??

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tiger Woods leads Australian Open

Tiger Woods leads Australian Open

If Woods is back, he will win. If not, he will lose.

It Takes Balls to Golf: "Tin Cup" John Daly Knocks All His Golf Balls Into Water and Walks Off the Course in Australia

Jonathan Wall at Devil Ball Golf writes at Yahoo! Sports that John Daly runs out of balls during tournament, walks off course after Tin Cup-esque hole.

That story reminded me of a photo I took in June of this year in downtown Skaneateles, Finger Lakes, New York, of the storefront window of The White Sleigh...Etc, a gift and novelty shop that was selling special golf ball pouches for golfers (my photograph of the window display):

 John Daly proved it.

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