Friday, May 20, 2011

Play Golf in Spectacular Sedona Arizona with JDR Tours

I played golf in Sedona, Arizona at Oakcreek Country Club about 40 years ago during a time when I was affiliated with a law project at Arizona State Law School.

Sedona was then and even moreso today is probably one of the most spectacular venues for golf anywhere in the world.

JDR Tours in 2011 offers what looks like a real deal package via at Golf Sedona with JDR Tours. Take a look.

This blog posting, by the way, is not a paid advertisement or otherwise supported ad or advert. Rather, the owner of JDR Tours and I went to school together, so it particularly caught my interest. JDR Tours offers tours in Nevada, Arizona and California. Looks good, but that is just my opinion, and no guarantee or warranty of any kind. Fore!

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