Sunday, August 20, 2006

The 2006 PGA Championship - Leaderboard

Here in Germany we are following the
2006 PGA Championship leaderboard online today and listening to their streaming broadcast "Pipeline" (as powered by CNN) which is following Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter around the Medinah golf course on their final round. Great stuff and a sign of things to come in entertainment presentation.

Personal and Group Golf Statistics by StatMasters is known for providing personal and group golf statistics. The website also answers all manner of questions about golf and has features such as a swingweight calculator.

Various articles explain important and often lesser-known aspects of the game to players, e.g. a superb and understandable explanation of course slopes and course ratings.

Other articles are found e.g. on topics such as:

The Origins Of Golf
Traditional Club Names
Club Lofts & Distances
Using Handicaps In Competition

and more.

These are definitely useful pages for any golfer.
The website also offers golf handicap services.

Professional Clubmakers and Clubmaking Design

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a leader in clubmaking design for individuals and professionals and also has a clickable map of the USA for locating professional clubmakers by US region as well as links to professional clubmakers worldwide.

Professional clubmakers can also be located through the Professional Clubmakers' Society.

Custom Clubs from GigaGolf

We have had good success with orders of custom clubs made by, a Florida company which offers excellent quality custom-made clubs at rock bottom prices. Select almost all important parameters online to order the set of clubs suited to you, e.g. type and brand of grip, size of grip, type, length and brand of shaft (very important - the shaft is the heart of the club), stiffness of shaft, and type of clubhead - it is also possible to compare clubheads to known golf brand name clubs. There are more parameters that can be set - take a look.

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