Monday, April 16, 2012

Golfers as Dependable Republican Voters ? The Golf Channel and Political Nanotargeting

Perhaps one of the most interesting articles we have read this year is found at the New York Times in Let the Nanotargeting Begin, by Thomas B. Edsall.

You really have to read the article to get the whole picture here, and be sure you click on and enlarge the fantastic graphs, which confirm the disappointing truth that people primarily read what they agree with, which is hardly the way to learn anything new, now is it?

I did learn, as a life-long golfer, that the Golf Channel is right up there with Fox as a Republican voters' bastion, indeed, that viewers of the Golf Channel are just about your most dependable Republican voters -- i.e. not only are they Republican supporters, but they do get out and vote.

Gee, I had always thought that golf had turned into a broad people's sport, which apparently is not so.

Perhaps the solution to the achievement of Republican majorities is the opening of the game of golf to a larger public?

There might be a lesson there.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Golf at its Best: Bubba Watson New Masters Champ in Playoff Win Over "Albatross" Oosthuizen

Golf can be the mosts exciting of sports and the Masters had a fantastic finishing day with two holes in one and the rarest of golf shots, a double eagle "albatross". But the tournament was won by a wedged curve ball out of the woods.

Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN, Watson moving up after Masters win

Albatross (Double Eagle) at The Masters (4-8-2012) by Louis Oosthuizen -- YouTube Video

YouTube video of

Louis Oosthuizen With Albatross (Double Eagle) at The Masters (4-8-2012)

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