Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica Endangered by Wayward Environmentalists

Few of man's achievements honor nature as much as golf courses do, and it is always remarkable to see wayward environmentalists trying to replace golf courses with what is called "managed wilderness", i.e. pet projects of alleged nature do-gooders which serve virtually no useful purpose other than to inflate the self-serving moralistic egos of those same wayward environmentalists.

Those same people should be attacking the big multi-national corporations who are devastating the planet by things like fracking. But that might be a bit tough for these environmentalists to handle.

It is much easier to go after golfers and golf courses, who are bothering no one, and causing no harm to nature. Quite the contrary, many a golf course has "reclaimed" land otherwise not particularly well used as a matter of nature.

See the battle under way for the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica in an article by John Upton at Golfers Promise a Fight on Sharp Park - The Bay Citizen.

U.S. Presidents as Golfers

William Browning has done the honors at Yahoo! Sports
in authoring a short piece on
Golfer-in-Chief: Fan Look at Golf and Presidents of the United States.

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