Friday, November 09, 2007

Karslberg Team Trophy 2007 : Golf Tournament in Germany

Each year the Karlsberg Brewery (Karlsberg Brauerei) in Homburg/Saar in Germany sponsors an excellent season-ending golf tournament, the Karlsberg Team Trophy for Jungsenioren ("young seniors", players who are 35 years of age and up).

It is a friendly competition among the participating golf club teams that play each season in the young seniors German golf leagues in Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz (the Rheinland-Palatinate), which are 2 of the 16 German states.

The tournament takes place at the Golf Club Homburg/Saar, a championship 6527-yard par 72 golf course in Saarland at Websweiler Hof.

PROmotion Golfevents has many photographs of this year's tournament online, of which there is also a comparable Picasa Web Album.

One of those photographs shows our team from Golfclub Stromberg (the LawPundit is on the far right) (we have tweaked the photograph a bit to make it fit this page):

Another of those photographs shows our team from Golfclub Stromberg at the evening festivities (the LawPundit is in the middle at the back right) (we have tweaked the photograph a bit to make it fit this page):

Karlsberg has a long history of sponsoring cultural and sporting events. Karlsberg provided the players with food and drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) during the two days of the golf tournament while Flamenco dancers provided the evening's entertainment, as a gratis flamenco lesson was also given to one selected player from each golf team. Thankfully, the LawPundit was able to remain among the spectators (the LawPundit is in the middle of the photograph, third from the left) (we have tweaked the photo a bit to make it fit this page):

The idea of forming golf leagues for golf club teams might be worth importing to other countries. It is a great deal of fun. See Sample Golf League Rules

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Human Brain and Golf : Perfect Movement Hampered by the Flexible Nervous System

We knew it all along.
The answer to why we still lag a few golf strokes behind Tiger Woods.
It's the brain.

The January 17, 2007 Stanford Report points to a Stanford study which indicates that our golf swing and golf score will never be perfect, because "movement is not primarily a mechanical phenomenon".

David Orenstein gives us this explanation:

"For athletes, the inability to replicate the perfect movement might seem to be a frustrating problem that needs to be solved. But ....

[as we are told by the authors of the study]
"The nervous system was not designed to do the same thing over and over again.... The nervous system was designed to be flexible...."

The value of practice and training is that they can reduce the variation in the mind's abilities, but they don't change the variable way the mind plans motion. An analogy might be to doing math problems. Someone who has studied will find it easier to solve a new problem than someone who has not prepared."

Now, when they can tell me how to get the mind to keep from guiding that ball out of bounds, i.e. to simply eliminate that as a potential "motion variable", we will have something serious to talk about.

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