Saturday, July 24, 2010

EQUIPMENT | In The Open Bag: Louis Oosthuizen |

The German golf site tells us what British Open champion Oosthuizen had in his bag for his amazing victory, with Project X X6B7 shafts on the woods and new Ping S56 irons, played for the first time in this tournament. See the clubs and the commentary thereto (in German) at EQUIPMENT | In The Open Bag: Louis Oosthuizen | (below we have inserted English translations of the German terms used at
"* Driver: Ping 'Rapture V2' (9 [degrees]; [shaft]: True Temper 'Project X X6B7')
* Fairway [woods]: Nike 'SQ Sumo' [woods and] 5 (13 und 19 [degrees]; [shafts]: True Temper 'Project X X6B7')
* [irons] (3-9): Ping 'S56' ( [shafts]: True Temper 'Dynamic Gold X-100')
* Wedges: Ping 'Tour S' Rustique (47, 54 und 60 [degrees]; [shafts]: True Temper 'Dynamic Gold X-100')
* Putter: Ping 'Redwood Anser'
* Ball: Titleist 'Pro V1x'
* [shoes]: FootJoy 'Icon'
* [golf glove]: FootJoy 'SciFlex'"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

World's Best Golf Resorts at Condé Nast Traveler via Via Michelin

Via Michelin Travel refers to the June 2010 Condé Nast Traveler magazine Fourteenth Readers' Choice Survey of best golf resorts in the world.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Golf Carts Take to the Streets : Prior Art in Lincoln, Nebraska nearly 50 years ago

This AP report hit the news stands yesterday: The Associated Press: Golf carts all the rage in Lyons, Colo..

One of the amazing things about life is how slow the American public has been to get the energy message. It is now 2010 and golf carts are only now taking to the streets?

In Lincoln, Nebraska at the time that I went to high school (1961-1964), my father, Arvids Kaulins, built an electric golf cart which ran on car batteries and we drove it on the streets regularly. In fact, my father often drove it to work and back (about 20 blocks each way on residential streets) -- and on some of those days I thus got to drive our 1957 Cadillac to school, which of course was a great thrill. The Caddy was of course an immense gas guzzler, but it was set off by the minimal energy used by the golf cart.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Louis Oosthuizen, Gary Player, The British Open Championship and Letters From St. Andrews Blog - ESPN

Letters From St. Andrews Blog - ESPN features a great golf writing from Wright Thompson about Gary Player, Louis Oosthuizen and the British Open Championship, among other things:
"Gary Player remembers ... how one Sunday afternoon can change everything.

'It's the biggest day of his life,' he says. 'Biggest day he'll ever have.'"
Read it all.

British Open Live Coverage: Round 4 Blog with Farrell Evans - Press Tent

British Open Live Coverage: Round 4 Blog with Farrell Evans - Press Tent: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steady Oosthuizen still in charge after three rounds at British Open - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News

Steady Oosthuizen still in charge after three rounds at British Open - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Louis Oosthuizen - A Star is Born? at the 2010 British Open: How Could this Happen? What Clubs Does He Have in His Golf Bag? Project X?

Is the virtually unknown golfer Louis Oosthuizen (pronouced Lou-ee Wuhst-hy-zen) going to win this year's British Open (the British call it "The Open Championship")?

The guy has a great golf swing -- see the video:

He has also greatly improved his attitude about golf and life, which is probably the most important change. See

Does Oosthuizen's sudden emergence also have anything to do with the clubs in his golf bag?
Being a bit of a golfer myself, I thought I would check out what I could find online.

After the third round of The Open Championship, Oosthuizen has produced both the most accurate iron play and most accurate driving in the entire field, judging by the stats published at the official website of The Open Championship, where Louis has thus far hit 47 of 54 greens (87 %) and 42 of 48 fairways (87 %) on an average driving distance of 319.33 yards! This has put him far ahead of the rest of the field statistically and he goes into the last round now at 15 under par, holding a 4-stroke lead on 2nd placed Paul Casey and a 7-stroke lead on 3rd-placed Martin Kaymer. A great swing is one thing, but such accuracy is another.

Even if he does not win tomorrow, he has the golf world buzzing. How has he done it?

So what does Oosthuizen have in his bag? This is not an ad, just our curiousity.

According to
My Bag: Louis Oosthuizen at the 2010 British Open - The Shop Blog
Louis has new Royal Precision Project X shafts on his Ping Rapture V2 9° driver and his Nike SQ II fairway woods (13° and 19°).

It is not fully clear however whether he is playing that same precise Project X shaft in the British Open.

He also allegedly plays Ping S56 irons (3 through 9) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X-100 shafts.

I have Grafalloy Epic and Prolite shafts on my clubs -- Grafalloy is a sister company of Royal Precision -- and I hit the ball as far as anyone, but I also spray my drives all over the golf course. I need more precision. Hey, if Royal Precision wants to send me a 460cc driver with the same shaft that Ooostuizen is using - 1 inch longer than normal length,  I will try it out and report on my success here. Just a thought to that company.

Obviously, Louis can play golf ... extremely well. Now we have to see if his nerves hold up tomorrow and if he can maintain his attitude of having fun - and winning. That is the key. Play to win and have fun. We will see.

ForeGolf named GCA World Clubmaker of the Year « ForeGolf Blog

Already earlier this year 2010...

ForeGolf named GCA World Clubmaker of the Year « ForeGolf Blog
"Derek Murray of ForeGolf, Naas, Co Kildare has been named 2010 World Clubmaker of the Year by the Golf Clubmakers Association, the first time the award has left the USA since it began 20 years ago."

A Golf Blog That is a Must to Visit: The ForeGolf Blog

The ForeGolf Blog is a must visit for golfers. The postings about new golf equipment developments and golf custom fitting are outstanding.

Oosthuizen Makes a Name for Himself at the British Open -

Oosthuizen Makes a Name for Himself at the British Open - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

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