Sunday, July 19, 2009

Digital Pro Golf Offers a High Speed Video Recording and Golf Swing Analysis System at an Affordable Price for Teaching Golf Pros and Amateur Golfers

This is not a paid ad and we do not generally post email that we get as advertising but we got this in the mail today from Digital Pro Golf and looked at the specs and video samples online. It looks like a potentially useful low cost video swing analysis system that may be of interest to some of our readers, but this is not a recommendation as such since we have no means of comparison to competing video systems.

What we liked was the ability to download the software and try it out for free, which we did, and we were able to use the program to evaluate an .avi file of our swing, showing that we drifted off substantially from our correct center on the backswing. This was already VERY USEFUL and will be something for us to work on at our next session on the driving range.

Here is the email from Digital Pro Golf.

"We've had many professional and amateur golfers asking
questions about our new high-speed $249 video recording and
swing analysis system. Your questions are answered here:

Digital Pro Golf offers professional and amateur golfers the most

affordable and easiest-to-use high-speed, portable swing recording
and swing analysis systems available in the marketplace today.
Features include:

* PC and Mac compatibility. Easily exchange files from one computer

to another, from pro to student, or just between friends. Simplicity,
ease of use, portability and low cost are our trademarks.

* Full systems, including the camera, software, tripod and memory,

start at less than $250 and are capable of recording from 30-1,000
frames per second.

* Optimized for use on the range AND on the course.

* Software free to try for 30 days.

Our sample video library is here:

Our web site is here:

Our Store is here (the link to the International Store can be found at

the TOP of the first page of our North American store):

Testimonials from golfers and pros can be found here:

Video is key to a better game. No one makes it easier than Digital Pro Golf.

Thanks for your time.

Digital Pro Golf


Shelburne, Vermont

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