Friday, February 03, 2012

Do Golfing Execs Earn More in Business? Yes, They Do

Yes, it pays to read The Economist,
which has a brilliant article
by their business editor and golf blogger at
Golf and business: Why golfers get ahead.

That editor and golfer notes, e.g.,
"a recent study found that bosses who don’t play golf
are paid 17% less on average than those who do
-- incredible --
although no verifiable reason was found for that discrepancy.

Gee. The answer is easy.
My own experience is that people who do not play golf are not as trustworthy as golfers are.
Would YOU hire a non-golfer as a CEO?
Caveat emptor.
Show me a man on a golf course and you have a Rorschach test in place.
How can a man NOT play golf if he has the opportunity and means to do so?
What is he hiding?

Just to prove the honesty of golfers,
let me ask the rhetorical question as to whether I wrote this posting
so that the business editor at The Economist
might be motivated to invite me for a round of golf at Wentworth?

I did, definitely. You see, that is golfing honesty. CEO worthy.

Make sure you read the invigorating article at The Economist here.

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