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Andis Kaulins, who writes GolfPundit,
won the men's golf club championship
at the Mosel Golf Club in Cochem, Germany, 2008,
at age 61 3/4. 
Andis Kaulins at the Mosel Golf Club Cochem
This photograph at Cochem Golf by Christian Hoffmann
shows from the left after the final round
the champions holding their trophies:
the women's champion, the men's senior champion,
the junior champion, the women's senior champion,
and I am at the far right as the men's champion.

Today, at 6 feet tall and weighing in at about 220, I am known here and there for my long drives, occasionally outdriving top young players, even though I will be 65 in December, 2011. I have always been interested in sports and was pretty good at all of them, but I had skipped the 1st grade in school, so I was always a year younger and smaller than most of my classmates. I grew a lot in my senior year, but that was too late for any varsity sports except golf, and that has remained my sport ever since. The 1964 Lincoln High School golf team of which I was a member was the Class A State Golf Champion.


Select Tops

Golf - Hole in One
June 18, 1963

Golf - Nebraska State High School Golf Champions 1964

A Hole in One is a Special Feeling.
Plus, it was my grandfather's birthday.

Nebraska Class A State High School
Golf Champions 1964

This is the ball I used for my 1st Ace.
I was 16 then and played this ball for maybe 10 rounds - you could still cut the ball then. The witnesses in my foursome were Lowell Berg (now retired former head of probably the leading architectural firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, and past President of the Rotary Club), Roger Yant and Mike Ley (who in 1972 was Nebraska Match Play Champion). You could send the ball in to Titleist (Acushnet) and have them stamp your name and date on it, which I did.
Andis Kaulins, Hole in One
June 18, 1963

Nebraska State Golf Champions

Players above: (bottom left to right)
- Andis Kaulins, George Snider,
Charles Borner (medalist, and in 1970 Nebraska
Match Play Champion, now a golf pro),
Dennis Bradshaw (later a PGA management graduate),
Galen Ullstrom (later a lawyer and insurance executive),
and Sam Beechner. The golf coach, Dick Beechner,
is not pictured but see
 Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame
 where Dick is the Executive Director.

Senior Club Champion Stromberg - 2004

Senior Club Champion
Stromberg - 2003

Andis Kaulins

Andis Kaulins
at Stromberg Golf Club
in Germany
Senior Club Champion

Golf Trophy 2004
Andis Kaulins on the right

Golf Partner - 2011

Karlsberg Golf Tournament 2007
Men's Young Seniors Golf Team
of Stromberg

Andis Kaulins on the far right - see also here

Andis Kaulins Soccer Team Coach 1994 - 1997

Andis Kaulins

Above with the undefeated soccer team JSG West in Göttingen
which we co-coached and which was selected national "Team of the Week"
by the German national soccer magazine Kicker in January, 1996

 Andis Kaulins short biography:
Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska ('64);
B.A. University of Nebraska ('68);
an international law firm headquartered in New York City, New York, USA;
former FFA Law Lecturer in Anglo-American Law, University of Trier, Germany;
co-author of the world's leading Langenscheidt Routledge German-English, English-German Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance (chief editor Ludwig Merz).

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